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Heater Guide

DE25 Fan Heater Spec

The DE 25 will warm an area of 67.6 m3 – 2,388 ft3
The DE 25 dimensions are 260 x 320 x 360mm
The DE 25 weighs 11 kg

Formula for Calculating Heating Requirements


V x ∆T x K = kcal/hour


V - Volume of area to be heated (width x length x height) in m3

∆T - Difference between the external temperature and the desired internal temperature (in ˚C)

K - Dispersion Coefficient


1. V - Volume of room to be heated (12m long x 4m wide x 3m high) = 144m3

2. ∆T - External Temperature -5˚C. Internal temperature required +18˚C. Temperature T = 23˚C

3. K - This factor is determined by the type of construction and insulation

Thermal Power required

144m4 x 23C x 4 = 13,248 kcal/h

1kW = 860 kcal/h

1kcal/h = 3.97 Btu/h