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Dehumidifier Guide

Please find below two useful Youtube videos regarding the use of dehumidifiers and air movers.

Also below is information in respect of selecting the correct number of dehumidiers required.


Dehumidifier Selection Principle

Dehumidifiers can be used in a large number of applications but a dehumidifier has to have appropriate power to fulfill its purpose.

Formula for calculating recommended air displacement of dehumidifier:

Volume x 3 = [m3/hour]


1. Room is 5m long x 4m wide x 4m high

2. Room volume is therefore 80m3

3. 80m3 x 3 = 240m3

This size room requires a dehumidifier with an air displacement capacity of 240m3/hr

Our dehumdifier; the BD1000 has an air displacement capacity of 350m3/hr